Neuchâtel with Olivia.

Local wine tastings on the back of Lac Neuchâtel ferry.

In Gruyere eating all the famous cheese and raspberries with double cream [45% mill fat goodness]! #milkcountry (at Château de Gruyères)

Greetings from Milk Country. Lausanne. (at Jagger’s)

Rock townscape on Gibraltar Day. (at Main Street, Gibraltar)

More @friendsofmcnabsisland memories on the top of the Rock. (at Rock of Gibraltar)

Strait gridlock. (at The Top Of The Rock In Gibraltar)

Chill bro. #yo #Gibraltar (at Rock of Gibraltar)

Yesterday: The Rock, Gibraltar. Kept reminding me of my time on @friendsofmcnabsisland! (at The Top Of The Rock In Gibraltar)

Top o’ the Rock. (at Gibraltar top of the Rock)

Happy Gibraltar National Day. Not a soul dares to wear anything but red and white. (at Main Street, Gibraltar)

Pedestrian border crossing entrance through a live #Gibraltar runway. (at Gibraltar–Spain border)


Smart ideas can turn city into a better place, here’s one. The dancing traffic light.

Habitación. (at La Línea de la Concepción, Spain)

Mostly empty, kite surfers, distant wind turbines. Tarifa: the most southern point on the European continent mainland. (at Playa de Los Lances)